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Sodolls TPE

Hello, this is Neil from Sodolls, I am a big fan of Realistic TPE sex dolls. I have bought 20+ sex dolls before creating Sodolls. But not all buying sex dolls experiences are good. First, most sex doll companies are from China, big companies and also a small family workshop, it is hard for you to know their background and which provide best sex dolls when browsing their website, they all look beautiful and similar.

 I received some sex dolls which are very different from the picture and poor quality, it annoys me much. Maybe many people have the same experience, why not visit sex doll companies, look and check by myself. I have visited more than 20 sex doll companies in China, see their dolls processing, chat with them and ask questions, they all friendly and nice, but I find different companies have different positions. Some focus on low-end market, some on top or medium market. Finally, I choose the top 3 sex dolls with high Cost-effective for me and for you.

Another problem is shipping, as we know it takes much time and freight on shipping from overseas, so we imported many sex dolls and shipped by sea in advance. And now more than 50 sex dolls are laying in our warehouse in Los Angeles, they are waiting for their master to take them home, are you the man?

I am very glad to share my experience and joy with sex dolls, if you are also big fans of sex dolls, welcome to join us.