Are there any health risks with using the doll?

Health risks are non-existent with using the sex doll products as long as the doll is kept in a hygienic condition. This involves cleaning the doll after use with soap or detergents and using a cleaning kit for the washing, cleaning, and drying. Each doll goes through a meticulous acetone bath after the manufacture. Acetone is a great solvent used for cleaning plastics and synthetic fibers.

Cleaning the doll is also easy since each doll package includes a cleaning kit and also the instructions on the usage of the cleaning kit.

What is the temperature tolerance for the TPE sex doll?

TPE stands for Thermoplastic elastomers and they are materials that have the combination and characteristics of both rubber and plastics. The sex dolls are made of the TPE material and they can put up with a temperature of 2100F (98.890). At that temperature, it is safe to bathe and wash the doll.

If the temperature is more than 2100F however, that could be perilous to the doll because the doll could get damaged.

Can cosmetics be used on my sex doll?

Cosmetics can be used on the doll but you must not use oil-based makeup or cream or any liquid foundation. This is because such creams or makeup will not disperse well on the silicone composition of the doll and this may cause some irritation and a massive cleanup. You can use other cosmetics which are natural based colors.

Can the doll’s hair be styled normally?

The hair wigs provided by Sodolls are synthetic hair wigs that are of top quality and this is a result of Sodolls’ passion to provide the very best for customers. For those who wish to style their dolls’ hair, that can be done. As a matter of fact, apart from styling, washing, cleaning, and drying can also be carried out.

To brush your doll’s wig, using a wide-teeth comb or a metal brush is recommended. The brushing should be carried out by brushing the little spots close to the tips of the wig. About three inches from the ends, brush the little spots around the end until they are polished and glossy. From that point, brush the wig until you get to the scalp. With the wig being smooth, there will be no tangling, a phenomenon that can be tiresome.

Can my doll be dressed with any type of clothing?

There are lots of clothes which can lose color easily; these ones are not advisable to be used on the doll. Any other type of clothes can be used by the doll. Since white color clothes are safer, we recommend that they are used on the doll. This is because the white color clothes rarely lose their color.

Additionally, your doll should not be used with heavy or thick clothes. This is because thick or heavy clothes usually leave imprints or impressions of the silicone composition of the doll’s body. If care is not taken, these imprints or impressions will become permanent on the body after about ten days or more.

How do I clean my doll?

Each doll package from Sodolls includes a cleaning kit. So whenever you make an order from the Sodolls’ online shop, a cleaning kit which includes antibacterial soap and a douche ball will be included. The kit, as mentioned earlier, also includes instructions on its usage.

After using the doll, get warm water to flush out every cavity on the doll’s body and also use the antibacterial soap. It is advisable to wash the doll’s face and be very careful to avoid making the doll’s eyelash wet.

What is the best way to move the doll?

In order to move the doll effectively, a chair with wheels is required. The doll should be kept in place securely and then the chair can be moved. Sliding the chair is dangerous as the doll can topple and get damaged.

In the absence of a chair, the doll can be easily lifted by placing one of your arms under the doll’s back and the other arm behind the doll’s knees. Because of the doll’s weight, you need to be strong yourself so as not to injure yourself when lifting it. Lifting the doll in a prescribed way is called the bridal lift. The bridal lift is the style that grooms use to lift their brides during their wedding ceremonies.

In order to avoid damaging the joints of the doll, it is advisable to move the doll as a whole instead of moving only one part. Be very careful when you want to change the position of the doll during use.pillows will help to make different position of the doll.

How do I store the doll?

In order to store the doll effectively, it is should be hanged up carefully. This can be done by slightly spreading the legs. Each doll has a neck bolt and a hook. To install the head, you can easily remove the hook through the bolt.

When storing the doll, be mindful of the creases because when the doll is left in a position for a long time, this will cause creases to the skin as a result of the skin material. If the doll’s position is not changed over time, the creases will remain permanent and disfigure that part of the doll. Since the dolls come shipped in crates, the crates are suitable for storage too.

How much weight can the doll support?

The dolls manufactured by Sodolls can safely support 400lbs/180kg.

How does intercourse feel with a sex doll?

The sex dolls are made to provide the function of which they were created effectively and that is intercourse. If intercourse is not possible or does not provide a wonderful experience, then the purpose is defeated.

When penetrating the holes of the doll, a vacuum is formed inside which enables an effective suction and the effect can be felt strongest in the oral entry of the Sodoll’s doll. The life-sized dolls provides a better feeling compared to the mini-dolls. You are guaranteed the same feeling as with a real woman and you are sure to want more.

What kind of lubricants should I use?

Water-based lubricants are very easy to clean up and they will not cause any damage to the silicone material of the doll. There are water-based lubricants and there are oil-based ones. To prevent damage to the doll, it is advisable to use water-based lubricants.

Apart from the oil-based lubricants, other lubricants that can damage the doll are the silicone or petroleum-based lubricants. An example of the water-based lubricants is the ID lube.

Can my doll sit, stand, and hold poses?

Posing is possible with the doll since sexual positions are part of enjoying intercourse. There are many poses that an average person can achieve without any element of pain. The Sodoll’s dolls have also been made to achieve the same positions that average persons can.

However, the doll will require a support or stand in order to achieve some positions. To make them remain in whatever pose you want, all you have to do is to manipulate their joints and place them in that pose.


Do you ship to my country?

We ship to all countries from North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

Please feel free to contact us via email at service@sodolls.com to discuss whether we can deliver a doll to your country if you are not in the regions above.

Do you provide free shipping?

Yes, We provide free shipping worldwide.

How long does shipping take?

Processing time:4-8 business days for WM Doll, 6YE Doll, IronTech Doll and 3x Doll.

Processing time:30-40 business days for SinoDoll.

Shipping time:6-12 business days


What happens after I place the order?

  1. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the final payment has cleared in 24 hours.
  2. You can expect your sex doll to arrive in 14-20 business days. The dolls are produced in just 4 to 8 business days, plus an additional 6 to 12 days to ship.
  3. Once your doll is ready for shipping, you will be notified and tracking information via FedEx or UPS will be provided.

Can I cancel or change my order?

As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation email. This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase.

Order Cancel: Once receive your order, we will start the manufacturing process of your doll. All sex dolls are custom-made, As this is a custom product created just for you, your order can not be canceled for any reason.

Order Change: If you want to modify, edit, or upgrade the order, you have to reach us in 24 hours from the time of purchase.We will tell if the changes are possible, extra fees might be charged depending on your request.

Do I need to pay the duty or tax?

Duty Policy: NO Custom Duty to USA.

In other countries, the Custom duty might be required at delivery. We have nothing to do with this, it is required by the government and it usually ranges from $50 to $100. The buyer is responsible for import taxes and fees.


What payment method accept?

We accept Paypal or Credit Card.

You can pay with your credit card via Paypal if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Western Union is also acceptable, you need to contact us by email or chat with us via the Chat Tool Online at the bottom of our shop for more info

before money transfer by Western Union. Our email:service@sodolls.com

Is the payment Secure?

We uses the SSL protocol to encrypt all information. You can see the green padlock to the far left on the URL bar followed by ‘https://’ rather than just ‘http://’ which is non-encrypted.

Our back end (corporate) system is fully protected and we use PayPal for additional safety and privacy.

Privacy Policy

What is your Privacy Policy?

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At Sodolls.com, we respect our user’s privacy and recognize the essence of protecting our user’s information. We have adopted this Privacy Policy to enable our users to understand how we collect, store and use their personal and non-personal information. To know about the information we have about you (whether Personal or Non-Personal) or if you have questions regarding our Privacy Policy, Please feel free to contact us through service@sodolls.com

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Which Data Does Sodolls Collect and Use at Which stage?

Use of Our Website


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