How the Newbies Can Make Use of Sex Dolls?

Purchasing and owning a sex doll is awesome and more people are getting sex dolls and more people would love to buy sex dolls. However, the question is: Do you know how to play manage and play with a sex doll?

This article provides several ways by which you can play with your sex doll apart from the obvious sex.

1.Try different wigs for her

One of the ways of enjoying your love doll is by trying different wigs on her. It is a doll after all. The best wigs are made of human hair which makes the likeness to a real human being more vivid.

The best wigs are made of human hair. They are expensive though, they are usually more than $300. You have the choice of getting synthetic wigs which have more color choices and more styles. This is highly recommended.

Trying the wigsbon your sex doll will show how much more beautiful your sex doll can be. It will also enable you to see your sex doll in varying shades of beauty.

2.Buy more clothes for her

Another way to enjoy your sex doll is by purchasing more clothes for her. There are different types of clothes to purchase depending on your choices. To make your sex doll sexier, you can purchase any kind of sexy clothes, skimpy or otherwise, whatever you want.

You can get the doll sleeping clothes, pyjamas, cosplay dresses or any type of clothes that suits your fantasies. One thing is that you have to remember to make sure that the clothes your purchase are the ones whose color do not fade. In this case, white clothes are the best.

3.Sleeping with her

The most important purpose of sex dolls is to have fun sex with them. Apart from enjoying sex with your sex doll on different sexual positions, do you know that you can also enjoy being with them by sleeping beside them?

You can imagine being with a beautiful woman and you are both on the bed, sleeping side by side. This makes certain that you are not alone and for some people it is another opportunity to have fun in the middle of the night.

There are many types of dolls for choice.such as BBW sex doll, japanese sex doll, sex torso, big ass sex doll,or even pregnant sex will find your dish at sodolls.

4.Have a steamy bath session with her

Having a bath with one’s partner is something amazing and a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Now, imagine having a steamy bath with such a partner. You can do the same with your sex doll.

Both of you slide into a steamy bathtub and you wash her and yourself. Apart from washing, you can also have other fun. It is the kind of make-believe experience that would always be in your memory as a pleasant experience.

5.Take pictures of her

You can also play with your sex doll by taking pictures of her. Imagine a photoshoot where you take a lot of pictures. You could pretend to be a photographer and she would be a model.

Imagine a scenario where you dress the sex doll in many different kinds of sex dresses and your take pictures of all of them. With this, you don’t need a sex magazine when you can easily go through all the beautiful pictures you have taken.

6.Have a journey with her

You can also go on an exciting journey with your doll. Get the doll in the car and drive to your favorite places where both of you can have some privacy. You could go together to a private resort or a hotel where both of you can have a lot of fun.

Your doll could be like a sort of companion for you. Driving long distance with a companion is a wonderful way to bond together and this is great because it gives you the chance to have mind-blowing fun with your doll.


Cuddling is one great way to achieve intimacy. You can play with you doll by cuddling together on the bed or on the couch and this is a nice way to let your hands roan freely for a while.


Massaging your doll doesn’t mean she would feel or appreciate your efforts but it is sure to be a fun thing for you. You could lay your doll on a massage table and let your hands roan all over her body as you see fit and imagine that she is enjoying the attention.

9. Play an imaginary game

One other thing you could do with your doll is play an imaginary game with her. It could be Truth or Dare or any other game you make up and all you have to do is pretend that she is into the game too and also participating.  This is going to be a lot of fun for you.

All these options show how to have a lot of fun apart from sex with your lovely sex doll. You can come up with more fun things to do and you will always have fun and will never get bored.

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