Who Loves Sex Doll and Why?

I am Tony, the owner of Sodolls that deals with the sales of amazing sex dolls. I have chatted with hundreds of customers and made me realize why they need a sex doll and also how having a sex doll can be of great advantage to them.

From many indications, I found out that these people really need sex dolls so much and one of the reasons is that having a sex doll can actually help them to solve different problems in life.

These are the categories of people that need at least a sex doll in their lives:

  • Old People

Most old people live by themselves since their children would be adults who would have moved away to live their own lives and forge a path for themselves in the wilderness of life. Most of the old people are usually widowers or widows. Since men purchase sex dolls than women, we will be focusing on old men.

These old men living alone are usually lonely, especially the retired ones. They may not want to take the time to woo younger women in order to get pleasure or they may not want to meet with prostitutes. Having a sex doll is a big plus for them.

The advantages of having a sex doll include the banishment of loneliness and exploring all the sexual activities they never had time to do when they were younger.

  • Single People (male or female)

Single people, male or female, have a lot to gain from owning a sex doll. A lot of single people were once in relationships that became over, mostly with heartbreaks or because things didn’t work out. Many of them may decide to avoid heartbreaks and not go on dates for a while. However, they still need to enjoy sexual intimacy.

A Love doll becomes important in this case. The advantages are many. Sex dolls don’t nag and neither do they blackmail you before you can have sex with them. You also don’t have to spend money buying gifts for anyone. More importantly, you are at no risk of heartbreak.

For singles who wish to experience or become better at different sexual positions, having a sex doll is an opportunity to do so. The sex dolls are flexible and they can be set in various sexual positions that enable maximum pleasure.

  • Married People with Bad Relationship

Sex dolls also play wonderful roles in the relationships of married people, especially married people whose marriages have hit bumps. Sometimes, giving each other space can be enough to help couples find their way back to each other.

In the separated time, they can explore making use of sex dolls for sexual pleasure instead of having affairs. For married couples who wish to spice up their marriages, they can add sex dolls too and have all sorts of fun.

There may even be times when either of the spouses would need to be sexually pampered in a specific way. Practicing with the doll could be a massive help in this case and consequently help piece the marriage back on a strong footing.

  • Young People

A lot of young people also need sex dolls. How? I have spoken to many young people who are in the age range of 16 and 18 years, some of them at high schools and others in colleges. Many of these young guys are on the high when it comes to masturbation frequency. Many of them cannot go an entire day without masturbating.

They told me they can masturbate anywhere as long as they are alone with no one to disturb them. The frequencies of masturbation are different. Some of them masturbate on a daily basis. Some do it a few times a week. However, they all agree on one thing and that is that they usually blame themselves a lot after doing. They have this guilty feeling that they shouldn’t have done it.

They also agree that their masturbating activity affect their studies. Some had it so bad that they had to see psychologists and that these psychologists advised them to get a sex doll.

With a sex doll, they won’t have to feel any form of guilt. They can have all the sex they want and need and still remain gallant and happy in class. No stress, no problems. Just excellence.

  • Young Girls

Little girls love playing with Barbie dolls. They assume the role of mothers to the dolls by dressing them up in different attires, washing them and generally, doing the things that they has watched their mothers or older female siblings do with them. They later grow up to become as beautiful and well-dressed as their dolls.

  • Some Artists

Some artists treat the sex dolls as art objects. A lot of people require these sexy sex dolls for various reasons. From photo-shoots to modelling. Some go as far as dressing up the dolls and using makeup on them.

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